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The world presently faces lot of problems with air and water pollution resulting into declining wildlife populations, deforestation, soil erosion, water scarcity and hazardous waste issues. Our vision is to move forward to protect our environment and create alternative product which humiliating the natural resources.

Our Story

Who, Why, where . . .

Eco Build Products has commenced his production, initially with Fly Ash Bricks. EBP has got setup in Changodar near Ahmedabad, Gujarat. EBP produces good quality Fly Ash Bricks with High Hydraulic Pressing Technology having fully automatic system.

We have entered in to market with vision to cater the modern construction industry with innovative and Eco Friendly building products.

Our Objective

Our objective is to provide our customers good quality Eco Friendly Fly Ash Bricks and other products.


Fly Ash Bricks

Our Product Range

Fly Ash Bricks:
Size: 230 X 110 X 75 mm

What is Fly Ash?

Fly ash is one of the residues generated by combustion coal in thermal power plant. It comprises of Fine Particles. Fly Ash when store in the ash ponds under dry condition can become air born, causing air pollution and thus resulting in serious health hazards. Fly Ash is generated in huge amount and has limitations of its utilization.

Fly Ash Bricks

Fly Ash Bricks are being produced from Fly Ash, generated from Thermal Power Plant as by-product. Several testings and R & D efforts undertaken during past few decades and it have been found that Fly Ash In presence of moisture reacts with lime at ordinary temperature and forms a compound possessing cementitious properties. After reactions between lime and flyash, calcium silicate hydrates are produced which are responsible for the high strength of the compound.
EBP produces Fly Ash Bricks conforming to IS : 12894.

Properties of Fly Ash Bricks

Structural Capability
High compressive strength of Fly Ash Bricks eliminates breakages/wastages during transport and handling. Fly Ash Bricks saves mortar in plastering and it is available in several load bearing grades. Fly Ash Brick gives elegant look to brickwork. Due to its comparable density the bricks do not cause any extra load for design of structures and provides better resistance for earthquake loads due to panel action with high strength bricks. Compressive strength of Fly Ash Bricks is av. 7.50 N/mm2


Fly Ash Bricks comes in various size and have a pleasing colour like cement. They are uniform in shape and smooth in finish. In building works, fly ash bricks require no plastering. EBP made Fly Ash Bricks are awailabke in uniformly shaped with or without frog. Fly Ash Bricks are lighter in weight than ordinary clay bricks and less porous too.

Sound insulation

Fly Ash Bricks provide an acceptable degree of sound insulation.

Thermal properties

Thermal conductivity is 0.90-1.05 W/m2 ºC (20-30% less than those of concrete blocks). These bricks do not absorb heat; they reflect heat and gives maximum light reflection without glare.


Fly Ash Bricks are suitable for use: -
  •  Load bearing external walls, in low and medium size structures.
  •  Non-load bearing internal walls in low and medium size structures.
  •  Non-load bearing internal or external walls in high-rise buildings.

Advantages of Fly Ash Bricks:

  •  Load bearing external walls, in low and medium size structures.
  • Non-load bearing internal walls in low and medium size structures.
  • Non-load bearing internal or external walls in high-rise buildings.

Aesthetic Appeal:

  • Smooth surfaces and uniform sizes.
  • Better thermal properties.
  • Thinner masonry joints with higher uniformity.
  • Higher acceptability for exposed brick masonry work.


  • Lesser nos. of bricks consumption because of regular full sizes.
  • Wastage component lower at site.
  • Lesser cement mortar consumption because of thinner joints.
  • Saving on plastering due to lesser plaster thickness.
  • Almost 30% lower cost per unit of construction.


Technical Comparision:

Strength 40 – 65 Kg/cm2 70 – 120 Kg/cm2
Shape & Size Non Uniform & Irregular Uniform & Regular
Water Absorption 20 – 25 % 10 – 15 %
Breakage / Wastage 8 – 10 % 3 – 4 %
Mortar Consumption High Less
Density 1500 – 1700 Kg/cm3 1200 – 1350 Kg/cm3
Nos. of Bricks for100 sq.ft. wall of 9” thick 1100 Nos 925 Nos.
Mortar Joint Thickness 15 – 18 mm 8 – 10 mm
Plaster Thickness 15 – 20 mm 10 – 12 mm

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