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Ecobuild Products Pte Ltd

Ecobuild Products Pte Ltd. is an integrated farm-to-shelf supply chain company that focuses on food safety, freshness, quality and service efficiencies. We supply a wide array of fresh fruits and vegetables products, both fresh packed and processed, to major supermarket chains, HORECA, and other food services sectors in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia market. In the recent years, due to increasing demand for healthier choice food and food ingredient products, our company had developed our own brands of brown rice and other healthy food ingredient products.

Currently, we operate 4 fruits and vegetables processing and distribution centers across the region, 2 of which situated in Johore and Selangor, Malaysia, 1 in Indonesia Riau islands region and 1 in Singapore. These processing centers greatly improves our overall costs efficiencies and our core competencies in providing unbroken cold chain management for our fresh products.

In year 2019, we formed a strategic partnership with CLASSIC AGRO RESOURCES SDN BHD. on an extensive contract farming collaboration to serve Malaysia, Singapore and international markets.

Leveraging on our unique LACTO-TECH farming solutions, We are positively the first company within the region to successfully produced and distribute our own range of PROBIOTIC fruits and vegetables, offering natural, healthier, tastier, and quality products to our happy customers.


To build “ECOBUILD” to be ASEAN’s leading “farm-to-shelf” food supply chain platform, driven by latest technologies.


We strive to be the regional leader in B2B “farm-to-shelf” food supply chain business. By using the right mix of technology, along with the expertise of the professionals, food manufacturers and farmers who work together with us, we drive value for our customers.

Our Value Propotion


Lacto-tech farming solutions

Leveraged on our unique lactobacillus biotechnology and farming solution partnership, our farms produce tastier, healthier and environment sustainable products for the market.​



Our farms and in-house processing, cold room and distribution facilities around the region ensure unbroken cold chain management that delivers our promise on freshness and quality.

Management Team


Eunice Koo

Director: Finance


A proven entrepreneur with more than 30 years of business experience and financial management skills marked by progressive value creation for her half century old family business, Kian Soon Pte Ltd., which specialised in regional trading of agricultural products, animal feed, and dry food groceries. Eunice had served as its company director since 1984


Albert Koh Soon Inn

Senior Manager: Branding & Marketing

Nurtured by his 50 years old family business that farm and supplied fresh vegetables, Mr. Chiam had more than 20 years of experience in development and implementation of farming solutions, unbroken cold chain management, and had accumulated extensive sales networks within the food retail and food services market both in Singapore and regionally. His sourcing and sales networks also span across ASEAN and China region.


Albert Koh Soon Inn

Senior Manager: Branding & Marketing

More than 30 years in food retail and food service industry working for established companies such as Robinson’s, Mark & Spencer, Duty free Shop, Ban Choon marketing, Dairy farm Group, which owns and operates major supermarket chains such as Cold Storage, Giant and 7-11 convenience stores regionally . Albert brings great values to our company in area of product positioning, branding and marketing as well as food retail market penetration.


Professor Dr. Irwandi Jaswir

Food technologist & food security specialist

Professor at the International Islamic University of Malaysia in the field of Biotechnology Engineering and he has obtained Doctorate in Food Chemistry and Biochemistry. He was 2018 Saudi Arabia “King Faizal” award winner for science service to Islam, a Nobel prize equivalent in the Islamic world. Prof Irwandi value add greatly to our Farm-to-shelf food security system.


Wanzali Nordin

General Manager: Operations


Mr. Wanzali is a farm-to-shelf operation specialist with more than 15 years of experience developing business in farming, processing and supply. He also served as a key service provider to Malaysia Agrifood corporation ( a subsidiary of Malaysia sovereign wealth fund, Khazanah Nasional ). He specialises in geographical sourcing strategy, sitting of collection centre & packing house, supply chain costs optimization and operation management.